Podcast #19, The Surgeon’s Wife, a novel read by the author, installment 1

Mike Boudreaux is the chief of surgery at a prominent New Orleans hospital when he is called upon to make tough decisions about his partner, Clayton Otherson, a distinguished and influential surgeon who is making life-threatening mistakes in surgery. Mike owes his career to Clayton and wants to help his colleague and friend. Catherine, Clayton’s wife, finds herself attracted to Mike, and when family life becomes unbearable, she turns to him for help and support; Mike and Catherine fall in love. Clayton become obsessed with revenge as Mike and Catherine struggle to keep their love and future in face of an unforgiving, critical New Orleans society.

The second and third installments of The Surgeon’s Wife are available in Story in Fiction podcasts # 20 and #21.

The Surgeon’s Wife is available in print, in audio, and online at: Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and select bookstores.

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The Surgeon's Wife The Surgeon's Wife

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