Podcast #23, the short story “Grief”, by William H. Coles

A medical student is infatuated with her much older professor and defies her mother’s warnings of disastrous results if she continues an affair with a much older man highly respected for his status and work at university. But the mother’s feelings and advice are complicated by the arrival of a box that has items that intensify her memories of her own similar affair with an older man decades ago.

Award-winning short story in the William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition.

This story and thirty-two others are available online free for listening or reading, and download: https://www.storyinliteraryfiction.com/stories-novels

An Illustrated print version is available: Illustrated Short Fiction of William H. Coles; 2000-2016

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #23, the short story “Grief”, by William H. Coles”

  1. Thank you for writing this. The sense of lost or missed opportunity is intense. Sara’s yearning to tell someone about her loss is so great that she has to spill her heart whether or not the person will take anything away with them. But the relief is palpable and like someone with ocd it was essential in order for Sara to go forward. I believed in the woman and did not like the daughter. Although, she was made real enough that I felt sorry for Carmen’s mediocrity.


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