Podcast #25, the short story “The Indelible Myth”, by William H. Coles

In a small town in Mississippi, a young boy is bullied by an older girl on the way home from school he retaliates and is blamed as the aggressor. When the families of the two children are on an outing, the girl is found dead. Although there is no proof, and the boy is innocent, suspicions hover that he is responsible for the girl’s death, suspicions that follow him into later life and unfairly affect his chance of happiness.

Award winning short story in the William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition

This story and thirty-two others are available online free for listening or reading, and download: https://www.storyinliteraryfiction.com/stories-novels

An Illustrated print version is available: Illustrated Short Fiction of William H. Coles; 2000-2016

The Indelible Myth The Indelible Myth

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