Podcast #36, McDowell, a novel read by the author, installment 1

McDowell, an arrogant, selfish, uncaring surgeon–except with his three children whom he ineptly tries to council as they come of age–loses his career, wealth, respect, and fame when his grandson goes on a killing spree and then fails in a suicide attempt living in a vegetative, braindead state. When the boy dies under suspicious circumstances, McDowell is convicted and jailed for second degree murder. He escapes to become a fugitive pursued by authorities, an investigative TV reporter eager to interview him before capture, and his daughter who is trying for a retrial.

McDowell’s family members struggle to find meaning in their lives but each is thwarted at every turn by their father’s reputation. McDowell keeps on the move to prevent his capture and establish a new life. He is forced to gingerly reenter society at the lowest levels and with each new acquaintance, he must learn a new sense of humanity to survive. A finalist in the William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition.

The second, third, and fourth installments of McDowell are available in Story in Fiction podcasts #37, #38, and #39.

McDowell is available in print and online at: Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and as .pdf and .mp3 download, and select bookstores.

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McDowell Part1 McDowell Part2

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